Our goal at 180 is to help you burn as much fat or add as much muscle as possible in the least amount of time with the least amount of “diet suffering” (ie. Hunger, cravings, moodiness etc) as possible and our nutrition calculator below will do just that.
When it comes to changing your diet people can often miss out on a few key details, and fail to see results. It’s not the fault of the plans, but simply, lack of information and knowledge.
So our mission is simple here. We want to inform you on everything you need to know to guarantee that you are going to move forward and get the results you desire.
Whether you want to lose 5lb or 2 stone of fat or add 14lbs of muscle the Flexible dieting plan will work for you, as long as your macros are set up properly, and you track them accurately.
That’s the great thing – this plan is 100% completely customizable. Once you have the basic rules and guidelines down, you are the master of your destiny, so to speak.

So let’s get right to it and give you the step-by-step procedure you will need to use to get this plan into place. First of all, please use the calculator below to work out your kcal and protein targets.

Invest time in this and your physique will change…..GUARANTEED!

weight loss fat loss bournemouth
weight loss bournemouth


Macro nutrition

Macro Calculator

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Your Targets

Ok, so what about the FATS AND CARBS!!

This is where it becomes more selective, whether your wanting to lose fat or build muscle your protein and kcals will be your constant headline targets.

The other two macro-nutrients are down to your personal choice, so whether you want to eat more GOOD fats or carbs is down to you. What ever you are left with after you’ve inputted your kcal and protein targets into you must divide up between the two macros.

We suggest that you don’t let your Fat go below 20% of your total daily kcal intake, this way your hormones that require dietary fat will keep chugging along nicely.

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Good luck!