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This is a Strength and Conditioning Club for Men and Women who have lost their way and are bored with their Training Routine and Fed up of not seeing the results they deserve. If that sounds like you then I know you used to be fitter, stronger and more in shape than you are now. We bring the best of Strength Training and Conditioning into a Powerful Training program that will revolutionise how you look, how you feel and you’ll see your strength sky rocket.

Combing power lifting, hypertrophy and conditioning programming to maximise your training time and progress.

INC: Weekly programming, all videos and training tips, 3 x coached sessions per week.

Program can also be coached remotely.

Situated at 180 Strength’s Bournemouth Gym





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Ladies Strength and Conditioning program starting January 7th 2019

3 coached sessions per week focusing on legs, bums and abs every session! No more bodybuilding splits, focusing on chest or back day etc etc..!

Or worse still smashing hours of cardio and destroying your shapely gains.

Our expert strength and conditioning coaches will guarantee you to achieve the curves you want, plus make you super strong with our female specific strength training program.

All for the cost of a coffee per session (only £3 per session!)

Program can also be coached remotely.

Situated at 180 Strength’s Bournemouth Gym

Sessions: MON, WED, FRI 7AM & 10AM

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180 Strength is YOUR GO TO GYM IF YOU WANT TO BREAK AWAY FROM THE NORM, you won’t find any faddish Lycra, cardio hoggers or show offs!

At our club you’ll find yourself in the hands of World Class trainers, DISCOVER THE BEST WAYS to get fitter & stronger; and, if you want WE CAN HELP YOU lose some weight.

We have delicately crafted an expert team of trainers, world class power lifters and Olympic lifters, nutritionists and physiotherapists at our gyms in both Bournemouth and Poole to offer you the best and most relevant help and support available in all areas of your health and fitness.

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  • Google Reviews

    Sam Hama
    Sam Hama
    14:50 01 Mar 19
    Came down from birmingham for the weekend with a couple of friends. Excellent gym, clean and professional comp spec equipment, very friendly and helpful staff would recommend to any travelling lifter who needs a gym to train at with a positive atmosphere easy 5/5 🙂 Thanks 180Strength
    Woj Bier
    Woj Bier
    14:03 01 Mar 19
    Visited Bournemouth for couple of days and trained at 180 Strength. Lovely atmosphere and great equipment. I’d recommend visiting the gym if you’re around!
    15:08 08 Dec 18
    An amazing gym for powerlifters as it has a full set of comp equipment. I was visiting Bournemouth so trained here as a one off, the vibe was great, so far from your usual commercial gym. You can tell the owners have put a lot of work into creating a great lifting space... only wish there was one closer to where I live!
    Claire House Norman
    Claire House Norman
    14:48 03 Dec 18
    180 Strength is a great gym with experienced coaches and really friendly customers. Everyone is welcome regardless of their aims or abilities; whether you just want to get fit, improve your lifts, learn good form with weights or whether you need rehab following injury. I joined just over a year ago with no weights experience at all and quickly decided that I love it!
    shirley smith
    shirley smith
    19:17 26 Nov 18
    I've been training here for nearly two years now and I would not train anywhere else now. After years in corporate gyms 180 is a league of its own. The coaches are all friendly, approachable, highly knowledgeable and athletes in their own right. You couldn't ask for better. Everyone is made to feel welcome no matter what and it has such a great atmosphere with some serious banter at times 😂😂 All in all we are like a family and the support is there everyday.
    Grant Esterhuizen
    Grant Esterhuizen
    22:41 08 Nov 18
    I joined 180 Strength about a year ago and use Kevin Yeung as a PT. He was great in guiding me towards my personal fitness goals. He is knowledgeable and dedicated. My kicking averages in rugby increased dramatically as a result- thanks Kevin! The gym has a great vibe about it. All the trainers are friendly and approachable. Owen, Tommy, James and the rest make a great team. I look forward to my gym sessions at 180 Strength!
    Ace Bruce
    Ace Bruce
    22:05 31 Oct 17
    All the trainers at 180 Strength have a wealth of experience and the equipment is perfect for anyone looking to get fit and strong. I joined the gym a few months ago because of my passion for powerlifting and thanks to Owen, Jack and especially Kevin my technique has greatly improved. I highly recommend booking PT sessions because they take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses and create a training program that suits your goals. My only regret is that I haven't found this gym earlier.
    Jack Suljevic
    Jack Suljevic
    21:55 29 Sep 17
    Well equipped gym, great atmosphere and friendly people. Great for getting things done around like-minded people.
    Richard Waters
    Richard Waters
    11:35 06 Sep 17
    This is a top end strength training gym for all. The equipment is second to none, trainers are fantastic and have many world class accolades between them. The other members are friendly and are of all types of skill level. The place is built on an environment of continuous learning, which is really rare. What are you waiting for?!
    Dan Hutchings
    Dan Hutchings
    05:54 24 May 17
    180 is a very welcoming gym with a set of vibrant and engaging classes. Each trainer and member of staff will get to know you and be on hand to help at any moment. Fantastic club and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get back into training, recovering from injury and wants specialist support or if you wanting to compete in sport and want more sport specific training. This club really caters for all!!
    Emelie Molin
    Emelie Molin
    15:53 22 May 17
    Amazing atmosphere! I could not recommend this place more. I've been an active gym goer for 7 years and this studio is the best gym I've been to by absolute miles!!! Well equipped, friendly staff and motivating environment
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Our goal at 180 is to help you burn as much fat or add as much muscle as possible in the least amount of time with the least amount of “diet suffering” (ie. Hunger, cravings, moodiness etc) as possible and our nutrition calculator below will do just that.
When it comes to changing your diet people can often miss out on a few key details, and fail to see results. It’s not the fault of the plans, but simply, lack of information and knowledge.

Click though here for our FREE Kcal and Macros Calculator ——————

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