Whether you’re training for fat loss, strength gains, to reach the highest level in professional sports performance, or a life-changing body transformation, 180 Degrees will take you on a life changing journey to achieving optimal health, results and maximising your potential.

180 Degrees Sandbanks is a private personal training club located in the heart of Sandbanks.

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180 Degrees is a unique experience and we will take you on a life-changing journey to achieving the highest level in physical conditioning. We leave no stone left unturned in our quest to help you get there.

We are committed to helping every single one of our clients achieve their lifelong dream of being in their best shape of their lives and we will do whatever we can to help you achieve it.

Our trainers are highly experienced in their respective fields of fat loss, nutrition, biosignature modulation, Health, and Strength & Conditioning. All our coaches are constantly looking for new ways to keep at the top of their field.


Weight loss

Train and eat your way to a slimmer, more toned you.
Our trainers will motivate you, educate you and make sure you get the body you desire.

Muscle gain

Whether you want to look a bit more athletic, or gain loads more muscle, our trainers have the
nutrition and training expertise to guarantee you achieve.


From sleeping to eating. Learn the nuts and bolts of how to jump start your body to becoming
a fully energised lean machine.


Whatever your unique situation is, we offer individually tailored nutritional support to help you develop a healthier lifestyle and better body composition.

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